Carry Permit

Personally Safe’s Carry Permit course will equip you with the knowledge you need to safely and legally carry a handgun in Minnesota. You will also receive a course completion certificate used when applying for your MN Permit to Carry a Pistol. This course will qualify you to apply for some other state’s permits as well.

The course includes the following topics.

  • Fundamentals of handgun use including coping with malfunctions
  • State and Federal Laws that pertain to
    • Use of force
    • Possession, transport, carrying, and use of firearms including prohibited places
  • What happens during and after a lethal force encounter
    • The affects of adrenaline and stress
    • The aftermath
  • Practical concerns about carrying including
    • Holster selection
    • Wardrobe impacts
    • Secure storage
    • How to interact with law enforcement
  • How to apply for your carry permit
  • A live fire shooting exercise


$120 / participant ($110 if prepaid)


Students are expected to have a working knowledge of how to use a handgun before taking the qualification test. If you are completely new to handguns, Personally Safe offers a Handgun Fundamentals course. An abridged version of that course can be done if you are somewhere between novice and competent to help you brush up your skills. Contact me if you are not sure where to start.

Students MUST be eligible to receive a carry permit.  Please ensure you meet the following requirements for registration.

  • you must be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • you must be at least 20 years of age on the date of the class
    you must never have been convicted of a felony, a misdemeanor crime of violence, or a stalking offense
  • you have never been involuntarily committed to a mental health treatment program
    you have never been convicted of a drug offense, or involuntarily committed to a drug abuse treatment program
  • you are not listed as a suspected gang member in the state gang task force database

Course Length

The course will take about 5-6 hours depending on the number of students, types of questions that arise, and capacity of the range.

Course Format

Classroom – The first six hours will be in the class room.

Travel to range – We’ll all travel to the range on our own.

Qualification – Qualification consists of a realistic shooting exercise at a live fire range. You will need to demonstrate safe gun handling skills, including how to load and reload your gun and reasonable accuracy shooting both two-handed and one-handed at typical self defense training distances of 15 to 21 feet. This exercise must be done with a handgun in a defensive caliber of .380 or larger.

What to Bring?

  • Government issued photo id
  • Pen or pencil if you like to take notes
  • Eye and ear protection, if you own it. It’s always best for students to use the gear they’re comfortable with. If you don’t have any, we will have some available to loan to you. If we do not have enough some ranges will loan to your at no cost. Others will charge a rental fee.
  • A handgun in caliber .380 or larger and at least 50 rounds of ammunition for it.Unless you currently have a permit and are renewing and are legally carrying, make sure the handgun is UNLOADED and CASED with any magazines containing ammunition removed from the handgun itself. It will not be needed for the classroom portion of the class and can be left in your vehicle if you choose.If you do not have a handgun you are comfortable qualifying

Scheduled Classes

To schedule private training, propose a schedule public course, or ask question call or email us.

There are presently no scheduled classes.