The Pistol Magazine Loader That Practically Sells Itself

Those who regularly shoot handguns are probably well aware of the UpLULA universal magazine loader.  Compared cramming cartridges into magazines by hand or even doing it with the assistance of other designs of mag loaders, the Uplula makes the process as simple as cutting butter with a hot knife.

It works so well that you don’t have to tell others they should buy one*.  All you have to do is let them use it once, hence the “practically.”  Then they want one of their own.

A photo of the UpLULA magazine loader

The UpLULA pisol magazine loader for 9mm-.45 caliber.  There is a version available for .22-.380ACP as well.

Most of the time, when teaching my handgun fundamentals to someone, if a student has trouble loading their mags, I’ll lend them my UpLULA and show them briefly how it works.  Every time I’ve done so, they continue using it for the remainder of the shooting session because it just works.  Most of the time, they ask me where to get one.

I tell them to get it here because:

  1. It’s about one of the best deals you can get on it even compared to many of the other the big firearms accessory vendors.  Sadly some local dealers are charging up to $55 for them.  While I appreciate buying local, I won’t buy at 100% markup.
  2. It’s direct from the manufacturer.
  3. I get a tiny commission when you click through and buy one via

If you shoot an auto loading pistol with any regularity, this is one accessory that’s worth pampering yourself with.  If you shoot competition or attend any extensive, high-round-count classes, your thumbs will be thanking you for using one of these.


* But yes, I highly recommend you go buy one 🙂

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