Don’t be too flashy with your cash

There’s nothing wrong with having nice stuff and looking nice.  Just realize that when you have nicer stuff, not everybody that notices respects you for your success.  Some just view you as a nicer target.  Don’t go out and sell your new car for a used beater, start letting your grass grow long, and start keeping yourself like a slob.  Just make some simple changes.

For instance, I don’t use cash a lot.   But when I have a lot on me, I make sure that the wad of cash in my wallet doesn’t look like a huge amount.

Which of the following looks the most enticing?  The least?

Clearly, the thin pile of bills with the singles facing out broadcasts your wealth the least. Folding your cash with the large bills to the inside and separating some of your cash into a separate stack that you leave in your wallet or purse until you actually need it is a simple way to keep the people around in the check out line more in the dark about how much cash you have on you.

I don't always whip out cash in public. But when I do, I try not to look too wealthy.

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