You don’t have to hide out in a fortress to be safe.  Nor do you have to take every local news story as an excuse to fear for your safety. There are a variety of simple, practical lifestyle modifications you can adopt that enhance your safety without making you a slave to fear and worry.

Come learn what you can do to enhance your safety level yet maintain a healthy level of freedom and happiness.

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Private Classes

It’s been a while since I’ve had the time to run a pre-planned, scheduled, public class.  I’ve been limiting my training activities to private training requests and that’s been working well. If you want to just learn to shoot, have … Continue reading

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Ladies. Secure your purses at work.

Most women carry a purse which contains a wallet, makeup, contact lens supplies, “feminine products” and sometimes other myriad life supplies.  When they go to work, most simply find a discrete place to tuck it away since it’s too awkward … Continue reading

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The Pistol Magazine Loader That Practically Sells Itself

Those who regularly shoot handguns are probably well aware of the UpLULA universal magazine loader.  Compared cramming cartridges into magazines by hand or even doing it with the assistance of other designs of mag loaders, the Uplula makes the process as simple … Continue reading

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Secured Entry Ways That Aren’t

Apartment dwellers and those living in school dorms (a.k.a residence halls) put too much trust in the controlled access entries to keep unauthorized people out of the common areas of their buildings.  While they keep the honest people out, a … Continue reading

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